We are iMake
A creative company with smart audio solutions

At iMake we focus on the interactive part of audio implementation in products, cars, interfaces,
app’s, serious games, (art) installations, toys, websites... In short: everything that needs audio.
Being both creative and innovative we are the perfect partner to solve all your audio related questions.

In almost every application or product, sound is used to communicate with, warn or entertain the user.
But how should something sound? And more important: what are the aural capabilities or limitations in for example products, when only a simple chip is available? How do you approach an interactive sound design for a city, based on seasons, weather, time of day? For this you need to understand:

  • the (technical) possibilities within audio and available software.

  • the creative part of it.

  • and also the knowledge how people will perceive audio.

At iMake we provide you that bridge. Our team consists of both creative and technical designers to transform your audio concept into a product or interactive design and to get the most impact out of that.

With over 30 years of knowledge and focus on audio we are confident that we – together with your technical engineer and software developer – can solve any request or problem. Whether you are a big company or an indie, working in a large or small budget. Nothing is off limits!

We create audio concepts and designs for


Get the most out of your product within challenging hardware limitations.

Mobile Apps

Enhance user experience with smart interface sounds and interaction.


Explore new creative ways to make your experience sound realistic and convincing.

(Serious) Games

Develop stunning interactive soundtracks using all options of the available development tool.

And have worked on projects like this

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