Philips Kittenscanner

Philips Kittenscanner

In this project iMake created an ambient experience in audio, music and voice for the Philips Kitten scanner. The KittenScanner is a mini CAT scan which the children can use to help them understand how the MRI and CT process is working. First the child chooses a toy which he wants to scan. Then he puts it on the table and pushes it through the opening of the scanner.

The tag in the animals activates the TV-screen and tells the children how the scanner works and why the exam is necessary. They can also see the “insides” of the animals, clarifying the scanner’s purpose. When using the KittenScanner, the children’s attention is more focused on having fun and less worrying about what’s going to happen.

During it’s existence, the Kitten Scanner is translated into many languages for use all over the world.

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